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  Yuanfeng Rain Gear Co.,Ltd.located at the nationwide noted Centre of Origin of Chinese umbrella--Dongshi Town,Jinjiang city,Fujian Province, is specializing in the manufacture of umbrellas. Its factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters,with fine scenery. Yuanfeng equipped well, with variety of advanced machines and technologies,at the meantime ,it chooses materials of high quality from all over the world. Its mainly produces all kinds of umbrellas such as kid umbrella,straight umbrella,golf umbrella,advertisement umbrella,gift umbrella,beach umbrella,etc.

  The company has been carrying out the ISO 9001:2000 &ISO 14001:1996 administrative system,ensure scientific & systemmatized management. Yuanfeng Co.pays emphasis on the comprehensive quality of the employees and its brand. There are professional personnel undertaking the development of products and administrative department for the designing
affairs, which systemmatized the quality management. Serials of umbrellas with "Yuanfen"brand are of high quality ,of novel style and of all shapes and colors,The newly released "angel" brand umbrellas are especially popular for their well-chosen materials and fine workmanship.

  Yuanfeng Co. believes that quality shall be placed first and customer's satisfaction is the most heighting, and adheres to the principles of "meeting the needs of customers on the quality, terms of delivery and service,establishing famous brand and good enterprise image", under which it raises its business management level and its ability of marketing competition.We look forward to your inquiry and establishing business with you.We hope our clients will gain more benefit from our products.